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Laajawab Spices is a food-tech company that aims to revolutionise your culinary experience. We believe in the transformative power of spices & herbs, which is why we focus on sourcing the finest, most exotic ingredients from the heart of Northeast India.  

Laajawab Spices started its culinary journey in Guwahati, Assam, and has since grown into a national presence. We have a thriving online community with repeat customers across India who rely on our products to elevate their everyday cooking. 

What makes Laajawab Unique?

  1. We use Northeast Indian spices and herbs in our marinade rubs and seasonings. These unique ingredients, like Lakadong turmeric with its exceptional curcumin content and Bhut Jolokia, one of the world’s hottest chillies, add unmatched depth and aroma to your dishes, setting our spices apart from the competition.
  2. We believe in ethical sourcing and building strong relationships with local farmers and farmer organisations. This ensures that our spices reach you with their original freshness and that the farmers receive fair prices for their hard work.
  3. Forget artificial flavours and chemicals!  We make our spice blends using only the finest, all-natural ingredients, offering a healthier alternative for every dish. 
  4. Laajawab Spices is your one-stop solution for delicious meals. Our innovative all-in-one blends are designed for a range of recipes, eliminating the need for multiple spices or additional ingredients. Simply marinate, cook, and savour restaurant-worthy results – it’s that simple!
  5. Our spice blends include natural tenderising elements, significantly reducing cooking time while locking in moisture and creating incredibly juicy, flavourful dishes. 

Our Vision: 

We visualise Laajawab Spices becoming a household name, synonymous with innovation, quality, and the captivating flavours of Northeast India. We strive to offer an easy and delicious culinary experience to every kitchen across India. 

 Join us on this flavourful adventure!  

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