Northeast spice farmer india of Laajawab spices
Co-founder Dr. Suman Jyoti Deka with Black Pepper farmer near Assam-Meghalaya border

The idea of Laajawab Spices was conceived when Co-founder Dr. Suman Jyoti Deka, Ph.D. IIT Guwahati, was researching about Curcumin (a potent anti-cancer agent). He stumbled upon a special breed of Turmeric grown in Northeast only that is Lakadong Turmeric having the highest Curcumin content of any Turmeric breed in the whole world. There we saw a huge potential of the wide variety of indigenous Herbs and Spices grown in the Northeast region having Superior Aroma and Flavor compared to other spice breeds.

That is when we, the four cofounders namely Dr Suman Jyoti Deka, Bhrigumoni Deka (Graduate from IIT Roorkee), Ujjal Kumar Nath (Graduate from Delhi University) and Punamjit Brahma started our mission to make All-in-one Spice Rubs and Seasonings made from Best Spices of our region Northeast India.

 We have travelled through entire Northeast and have made tie-ups with farmers to identify and supply us the best quality Spices and Herbs grown in the region. One of our main objectives include uplifting Spice Cultivators of the region and we are proud to be already associated with more than 100+ farmers directly or indirectly touching their lives through our mission Laajawab.