Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub with Lemon Pepper, Chili and Rosemary, Cook in 3 Easy Steps, Use as Chicken Marinade Masala, No MSG; 130g

Mild Spicy, Cooks 2.5 KGs of Chicken
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lemon pepper seasoning

Ingredients: Dry Lemon, Paprika, Brown Sugar, Northeast Black pepper, Rosemary, Salt, Corn starch, Dehydrated vegetables, Anti caking agent E551 (to make free flowing).

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Get Flavourful Chicken with Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub in Minutes 



Searching for tangy chicken recipes? Here’s Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub! This all-in-one spice rub transforms your chicken dishes into flavourful explosions with a perfect balance of tangy lemon, pepper, and aromatic herbs like rosemary. Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub is made with premium ingredients like lemon, pepper, chilli and rosemary. We use only all-natural ingredients and avoid artificial flavours and MSG for a healthier alternative to other marinades. Moreover, its natural tenderizing elements helps in superfast cooking and marination.  

 Effortless Flavour in minutes: 

 Stop going through lengthy recipes and using dozens of spices to make one single dish! Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub is your secret to creating restaurant style lemon chicken breast, tangy chicken, or even sour sweet chicken dishes at home in 3 simple steps- 

  • Marinate: Coat your chicken with our flavourful rub. 
  • Cook: Cook with your preferred method until tender 
  • Enjoy! Savour juicy, tender chicken bursting with tangy lemon flavour. 

 Unlock a World of Flavourful Chicken Dishes: 

 This versatile rub elevates any chicken recipe and is perfect for-

  • Lemon Chicken Recipe (Indian Style) 
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts. 
  • Tangy Chicken Curry(Lemon Chicken Curry) 
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken with Honey 
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Starter 
  • Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken 
  • Lemon Chicken Gravy and many more. 

 Get the most out of your dishes- 

  • Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub goes beyond the tangy flavour. We use only the finest, all-natural ingredients sourced from Northeast India free from artificial flavours or preservatives.  This spice rub offers a far convenient, faster cooking and healthier alternative to seasoning powders while delivering exceptional taste. 
  • Skip the complicated and time-consuming recipes! Our easy-to-use rub takes the guesswork out of achieving a tangy flavour. Simply marinate your chicken and get ready to enjoy delicious dishes in minutes. 
  • Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub is your secret to creating restaurant-style chicken dishes at home. It’s perfect for busy weeknight meals, weekend barbecues, or impressing your guests with culinary flair. 

Order your Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub today and get tangy & flavorful chicken dishes quickly and easily! 

Our Happy Customers:

tangy chicken marinade rosemary

” For me, Tangy rub with Rosemary is the tastiest flavor and my whole family loves it ” – Mrs. Elakshi

” My son loved the taste of Chicken with this rub and its very easy for me to prepare for him in just 10 mins” – Mrs. Mira

When you try Laajawab  Chicken Rubs you will be amazed with the magical flavor that will leave you craving for more! 

It’s time to indulge yourself in Heavenly Delicious Chicken with Laajawab Chicken Rubs.

  • 11000+ Happy Customers
  • 97% Positive Feedback
  • 63% Repeated Order

Let’s Read The Story of Our Farmer Mr. Ranjit Das:

laajawab farmers

Meet One of our Hardworking Farmer Spice King Mr. Ranjit Das from Assam. For him making good Spice Seasoning is an art of blending the right species in the right proportions & also the purpose of his life.

Like him, we’re also frustrated with the so-called popular masalas, dull in taste and full of chemicals. Unfortunately, we’re consuming these because no such genuine and all-in-one spice brands are available in the market.

Do we have any other option?

That’s why Laajawab Spices is here with our Hundreds of Spice Farmers from the North East Region like Mr. Ranjit.

Our farmers blend natural spices and herbs without any artificial flavors or colours. Every Product is made with love and like you made the product for your family. And You’re our family.

When you try our products, You will feel the authentic flavor of Exotic Northeast Herbs and Spices and lots of love from our farmers.

SHOP NOW & Be the part of our 11000+ Happy Customers.

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2 reviews for Laajawab Tangy Chicken Rub with Lemon Pepper, Chili and Rosemary, Cook in 3 Easy Steps, Use as Chicken Marinade Masala, No MSG; 130g
Mild Spicy, Cooks 2.5 KGs of Chicken

  1. S.Jilani

    It gives a good flavor of Lemon pepper with the hint of rosemary, goes well with Prawns/Sea-food as well.

  2. Shankar

    Got a delicious taste of Lemon with other spices in my chicken. I am happy with it.

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