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Paneer Tikka in Air Fryer: An Easy and Healthy Recipe

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Welcome to Laajawab! Today, we’re excited to share a delicious and healthy recipe: Paneer Tikka in Air Fryer. This dish is perfect for those who love the flavours of tandoori cooking but prefer a healthier, oil-free method. Our star ingredient, Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub, infuses the paneer with rich, mouthwatering flavours, making this recipe a must-try.



To make this easy and flavorful paneer tikka in air fryer, you will need:

Recipe Steps

Preparing the Marinade


Creating a flavourful paneer tikka marinade is simple with Laajawab rubs and marinades. In a mixing bowl, combine 2 tablespoons of curd with 4 tablespoons of Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub. Mix well to create a smooth marinade. No additional spices or seasonings are needed, as Laajawab rubs provide all the necessary flavours.

Marinating the Paneer and Vegetables


For this step, you will need the key ingredients for paneer tikka. Add the paneer cubes, diced capsicum, and diced onions to the prepared marinade. Mix well to ensure everything is evenly coated. Let it marinate for 10-15 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse.

Assembling the Skewers


To make paneer tikka in an air fryer, arrange the marinated paneer, capsicum, and onions onto wooden skewers. This step is similar to preparing paneer tikka grill skewers but uses the air fryer for a healthier cooking method.

Air Frying the Paneer Tikka


Place the prepared skewers into the air fryer basket. For Paneer tikka, air fryer settings should be at 180 degrees Celsius. Air fry for 15 minutes until the paneer is golden and slightly charred, giving you that authentic paneer tikka tandoori flavour.


Serving the Paneer Tikka


Once done, remove the skewers from the air fryer and serve hot. Enjoy your delicious and healthy paneer tikka starter! This easy paneer tikka recipe is perfect for any occasion, from family dinners to festive gatherings.

Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub


At Laajawab, we take pride in our unique blend of rubs and seasonings. The Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub is specially crafted to offer a perfect balance of flavours. It’s not just for paneer tikka—this versatile rub can enhance the flavour of various dishes. Its rich flavour profile eliminates the need for additional spices or seasonings, making cooking easier and more enjoyable.

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Is paneer tikka healthy or unhealthy?

Paneer tikka can be a healthy dish, especially when cooked in an air fryer. This method reduces the amount of oil used, making it a lower-calorie option compared to traditional frying. Additionally, paneer is a good source of protein and calcium, and using fresh vegetables in the recipe adds essential nutrients. Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub provides all the necessary flavours without the need for extra salt or unhealthy additives.

How much time does it take to cook paneer?

In an air fryer, paneer tikka takes about 15 minutes to cook at 180 degrees Celsius. This ensures the paneer is golden brown and slightly charred, giving it an authentic tandoori flavour.

Should you soak paneer before frying?

Soaking paneer before frying can help keep it soft and prevent it from becoming hard. For this recipe, marinating the paneer with curd and Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub helps keep it tender and flavorful.

Why does paneer become hard after frying?

Paneer can become hard after frying if it is overcooked or cooked at too high a temperature. To avoid this, air fry the paneer at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes, ensuring it remains soft and succulent. The marination process also helps maintain the paneer’s moisture.

Can I eat 200g paneer daily?

Eating 200g of paneer daily can be part of a healthy diet, especially if you are active and need the extra protein. However, it is important to balance your diet with other protein sources and maintain a variety of nutrients. Paneer is rich in protein and calcium but also contains fats, so moderation is key.

Can I eat paneer every day?

Yes, you can eat paneer every day as part of a balanced diet. Paneer is a good source of protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients. Ensure you consume it in moderation and balance it with other protein sources and a variety of vegetables and grains for a well-rounded diet.


In summary, this paneer tikka in air fryer recipe is a quick, flavourful, and healthy meal that’s perfect for any day of the week. With Laajawab Paneer and Vegetable Barbeque Rub, you can elevate a simple dish to a gourmet experience. We hope you try this recipe and enjoy it as much as we do.

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